Thursday, October 30, 2014

Repair IACV ( Idle Air Control Valve )

Repair IACV ( Idle Air Control Valve )


1) Now you got to locate where the IACV is, pop your hood and it’s located directly behind the intake manifold. It’s actually connected to it. Remove your intake and strut tower bar.

2) Place a couple of rags underneath to catch the coolant spill. Loosen the two hoses running to the IACV with your pliers by squeezing the two clips and moving them away from the end.DO NOT cut the hoses as they are the exact length and you will have to buy new ones if you do.

3) After doing that remove the harness connected to the IACV on the driver side

4) Then to finally remove it from the intake manifold, remove the two 12mm bolts

5) Take your brake cleaner or simple green and start to clean up the inside of the IACV by spray inside the two holes. Continue to do this until no more dirty fluid comes out. Should take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. This depending on how old and dirty your IACV is.

6) Once you’re done cleaning out the IACV let it air dry. I let it air out for 20 minutes while I did other maintenance on the car.

Reasons why you should take it apart and clean it:
-High idle after your car warms up
-Lumpy idle
-Roaming idle
-Hunting idle
-Fluctuating idle

Tools Needed:
12mm Socket
Brake Cleaner or Simple Green
Paper Towels
A cooled down engine for at least 2 hours

source : otocarinfo

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